BoB are Busy

In terms of gigs it may appear rather quiet at the BoB-front since our successful gig at Na Fir Bolg. But hey, we enjoy our summer break too! Anyhow, you can all rest assured knowing that a lot is going on behind the scenes.
For one we are busy writing and rehearsing a handful of new songs.
Of course we are busy arranging more gigs, after the 15 we played in 2015 already.
Finally we are busy preparing for some serious recording this autumn. Under the able guidance of Theo Vogelaars (formerly with Dutch punkheroes Tröckener Kecks) we aim at compiling one hell of an EP for your listening pleasure.

Our next gig is Sunday, September 6th, @Schots Keltisch Festival/Finale NK Highlandgames, where we entertain the Dutch Highlanders with some tunes in between them throwing sheep and trunks around the place.