BoB hit German Autobahn

BoB’s first major road trip! The last weekend of March sees BoB hitting the road (or the ‘Autobahn’ more precisely) in South-Easterly direction for a series of three gigs. The first stop will be at the Celtic Folk Punk Festival 2015 in Stuttgart (G.) on Friday March 27th, where BoB have the honour to share the international bill with The Moorings from France and Paddy and the Rats from Hungary. This promises to be a very thirsty night indeed!

From there on BoB push into Bavaria to play a full length show in Cinn Mhara Irish Pub in Kothen (G.) on Saturday March 28th, hoping to throw in some fresh air and serious sightseeing on the way.

To complete the weekend, BoB play a ‘welcome back in the Netherlands’ show in Sophie’s Pub in Roermond (NL.) early Sunday evening (we kick off at seven)!

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Celtic Folk Punk Festival 2015
Cinn Mhara Irish pub
Sophie’s Pub