BoB @ Na Fir Bolg

Sunday July 5th, Bunch of Bastards traveled south to Belgium to play the final gig of the three-day international Na Fir Bolg festival. It also was BoB’s last gig before the summer break (and the 15th gig of 2015).

We at BoB had a whale of a time ourselves. The crowd seemed to be having a good time as well, with singing, raised fists and some occasional drinking all in place, as well as a bit of a pit, some crowdsurfing and an all-female stage-invasion. But what about the press?

Here’s a review taken from the latest edition of the Flemish e-zine Shutterwall.mag about how BoB brought Na Fir Bolg to a fitting end:

“As always, it has to end in an Irish feast! Bunch of Bastards knew very well how to do that. Giving everything they have and even more! No remorse, no mercy on this last evening of Na Fir Bolg (..). With their active and dynamic music there was no way anyone who heard this could stand still. Well done boys, you know how to be and how to handle a bunch of bastards. See you next year!”.

BoB hope that’s also how the Na Fir Bolg festival organizers feel about our performance, as we’d much like to be back indeed!