BoB proudly present Sky over Rotterdam

The sky over Rotterdam is so peaceful now
But my old man, he still remembers how
That war made that sky such a restless place
And airplanes were never hard to trace
First them planes brought war, then they raised hopes high
And in the end, they dropped food from the sky
The sky, the sky, the sky, over Rotterdam

One morning in spring, German planes were all around
That brought their bombs, burnt our town to the ground
People ran for their lives, many trapped by the fire
And for five years to come, life would be harsh and dire
The sky over Rotterdam ..
In years to come, allied planes would rule the air
And foreign towns, were handed the same nightmare
As people starved from hunger, in the Rotterdam streets
They often said a prayer, to support them allied fleets
The sky over Rotterdam ..
Then one fine day, planes flew in really low
No bullets, no bombs, but food they let go
Never before, did the sun shine so bright
After five long years, people danced into the night
The sky over Rotterdam ..
© Bunch of Bastards

Bunch of Bastards proudly present their song Sky over Rotterdam.

The lyrics summarize the history of the Second World War in Rotterdam from the perspective of what happened in the sky over that city. The song is based on the Rotterdam boyhood wartime memories  of a bandmember’s dad.

Three episodes are mentioned in the song. The first is that on May 14th 1940, the Rotterdam city centre fell victim to a vicious bombardment, the first ever of its kind. This is 75 years ago this spring. The second episode is that the people of Rotterdam stood and watched as allied airfleets flew to and from Germany. Despite knowing firsthand what destruction they caused, those fleets did give them hope for better days. The final episode is that allied forces were allowed to conduct much needed food sorties near the city towards the end of the war, much needed as hundreds of people per week starved to death.

Using historical footage, Bunch of Bastards put together a video that visualizes the upshot of the song.

At their gigs Bunch of Bastards start this song using a manually operated air-raid siren.