BoB recorded song about WW2 in Rotterdam

The Sky over Rotterdam: the Rotterdam 1940-1945 episode in a ‘full force folk’-song.

BoB are about to release a song and video in which the history of the Second World War in Rotterdam is summarized from the perspective of what happened in the sky over that city. The song is based on the Rotterdam boyhood wartime memories of a band-member’s dad.

On May 14th 2015 it is 75 years since the Rotterdam city centre fell victim to a vicious bombardment. In years to come, the people of Rotterdam stood and watched as allied air-fleets flew to and from Germany. Those fleets gave them hope. In the last days of the war, 70 years ago soon, as hundreds of people per week starved to death, occupying forces allowed the allied forces to conduct food sorties above the city. To the amazement of the hungry and starving people of Rotterdam, low flying allied planes dropped their welcome cargo.


These events constitute the core of the song The Sky over Rotterdam that BoB will release here shortly. The audio has already been recorded and is currently being fine-tuned by our able producer Lars. 
Using historical footage, BoB are in the process of putting together a video that visualizes the upshot of the song. Expect shaky black-and-white film that underscores the three main themes of the song: the burning city after the bombardment, allied fleets in the air and the dropping of food supplies.