Introducing JASPER

Oi, lads and lassies, after waving the previous singer goodbye, and regrettably having had to cancel some shows in the process, BoB cautiously went on the lookout for a new singer once again, this time eager to find a teamplayer capable of memorizing lyrics to our songs.

With a mixture of pride and relief, we present you JASPER as the latest addition to our Bunch. He soon proved to be a very welcome enforcement indeed, being an enthousiastic and passionate singer with a great and clear, somewhat highpitched, voice. That he adds thorough Irish maternal roots to our otherwise Dutch Bunch doesn’t make matters worse. Him throwing himself into each song with all he has to offer, attacking the mikestand with ferocious eagerness, reveals the bastard deep down in him.

With Jasper within our ranks, we will be gigging and working on new songs again from the autumn onwards.