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Far from reaching the levels of perfection achieved by the likes of Pogues, Flogging MollyDropkick Murphys and Mahones, the lads of Bunch of Bastards at least like to think they drink from the same source for inspiration. They pay respect to their aforementioned heroes by playing one song by each of them. Curious which song by whom? Come and find out at a show!
Bunch of Bastards also pick the odd traditional from the big book of traditional folk songs, not without genuinely spicing things up though. Or they twist and abuse the a song from outside folk till it in the end sounds like full force folk: the fine blend of energy and melody.
But foremost, Bunch of Bastards aim at adding their self-penned stuff to the ever expanding number of songs that can be described as energetically melodic or melodically energetic.
Their songs deal with the downsides of life − remorse, illness, death, war and the arbitrariness of it all − as well as with life’s upsides: the blessings of love, music and alcoholic beverages. Either way, as one of their songs points out, “there is many a good reason to drink many a good ...... pint!”.


Freddy (lead vocals & air-raid siren)
Andries (accordion & banter)
Huib (mandoline & guitar)
Peter (banjo & guitars)
Dex (bass)
John (percussion)