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Cor looks upon himself more as an actor than a singer. Joining Bunch of Bastards initially to play some acoustic guitar and to sing some backing vocals, he quickly and suddenly found himself to be the frontman. A part that the actor in him enjoys thorougly though. Cor compensates his lack of experience as a singer with lots of energy and bits of acting. He never knew he had so much folk running through his veins.
Andries -- or DutchIrishBastard since the days he was the Dutch guy in Mr. Irish Bastard -- only picked up pumping the accordion in his mid-forties, after a severe illness made him rethink the priorities in life. Soon he found himself on the road, touring with MrIB, Mahones, Circle J and sitting in with numerous other bands in the scene, such as Sir Reg, Bastards on Parade, Greenland Whalefishers, Firkin and Ceili Family. In Bunch of Bastards he is living the dream once again!
Peter is the youngest member of Bunch of Bastards and the latest addition to the line-up. Coming in from the heavy-metal scene, Peter was presented with an opportunity to do something different. Allready feeling a love for the genre and nourishing a soft spot for Flogging Molly, but never yet having had the chance to play this kinda music, Peter quickly rose to the occasion. He now plays full force folk, and not just electric guitar, but also acoustic guitar and banjo.
Huib's musical ramblings through 70's rock, 80's metal, 90's funk, 00's singer/songwriter came to a happy end by discovering the joys of banging out full force folk tunes. Though a long-time and dedicated guitarist, it made him betray his instrument and broaden his musical scope by picking up the mandolin, to add to the folkiness of BoB. His guitar parts however still display his firm rootedness in rock. Making him just about the perfect embodiment of BoB’s full force folk.
Dexter is perhaps the most greedy Bastard of the Bunch. BoB being the first band he plays in, he’s definitely trying to get the most out of everything. His enthusiasm effects all band members, as well as his groupie/roadie/merch-girl/girlfriend Anja. With John on drums, his bassplaying constitutes the backbone of BoB's full force folk sound. Just in case you always wanted to know, Dex's fave phrase on the matter is: ‘May the folk be with you!’.
John spent 23 years of drumming in various bands, playing only just a handful of gigs. The chance to drum with Bunch of Bastards was nothing short of his "Golden Opportunity". Playing full force folk like The Pogues and Flogging Molly, as well as developing original folky material, had always been on his wish-list, making him the perfect drummer for BoB. Quickly playing scores of gigs, including some in Germany, make BoB the perfect band for John too!