Post-corona 2022.

Whereas the Saint Patrick’s Day 2020 festivities were cancelled just a few days before they were bound to happen, Saint Patrick’s Day 2022 suddenly was on. We had a blast being on stage for a series of gigs again. Highlight was playing at Holland’s biggest Saint Patrick’s Day festival in The Hague. Though this again almost didn’t happen, due to a line-up change one month prior and one of us falling ill the night before (!). Luckily, we at BoB can rely on a few former members to help us out when needed. Thumbs up for Peter and Wouter. Once a bastard, always a bastard!
Summer 2022 saw us playing some nice festivals, such as Hrieps and Hootchiekoe. Autumn had some smaller gigs in store, after which we spent a weekend in the recording studio.