Having played a handful of, if we daresay, successful 2024 gigs, we at BoB are well prepared for the upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day festivities. It promises to be all the more festive, as we then also launch our new cd and matching new t shirt ! We kick off (again) […]

Saint Patrick’s Day 2023

The year 2023 holds many a promise for BoB. We’ll play at a number of really sweet festivals, though we cannot give details yet. For now, suffice it to say we play 5 gigs around Saint Patrick’s Day, one of which will again take us over the eastern border into […]

Post-corona 2022

Whereas the Saint Patrick’s Day 2020 festivities were cancelled just a few days before they were bound to happen, Saint Patrick’s Day 2022 suddenly was on. We had a blast being on stage for a series of gigs again. Highlight was playing at Holland’s biggest Saint Patrick’s Day festival in […]

BoB were in the studio

We spent a weekend in the studio. Expectations about how many songs we would be able to record within the span of just two days varied from a modest ‘maybe three’ to an overly optimistic ‘maybe eight’. We played ‘live in the studio’, to capture how we sound on stage. […]

Please meet Sebastiaan

We have a new bastard on board. Sebastiaan is his name. At audition, he was so good we even feared we were below par for him. Luckily he beared with us and now delivers his wonders on both acoustic and electric guitar in BoB. He is no stranger to the […]

BoB reinvented themselves

Lads and lassies. It has been way to quiet here for way too long. You might have wondered ‘Did corona do them in?’. Well, hell no, in contrast. Sure, corona was a tough period, which stopped us dead in our tracks for quiet a while. On top of that, we […]


John spent many years drumming in various bands, playing just a handful of gigs. The chance to join Bunch of Bastards was nothing short of his golden opportunity, especially since playing powerfolk like Flogging Molly and developing original folky material had always been on his wish-list. Finally playing scores of gigs […]


Dex is without doubt the most greedy bastard in our bunch. He tries to get the most out of playing with Bunch of Bastards, his unrelenting enthusiasm inspiring both the other band members and the audiences. Just in case you always wanted to know, Dex’s favourite phrases on the matter […]


Gosse is not only the youngest bastard in our bunch, but also the most all-round musical bastard. In Bunch of Bastards, he restrict himself to ‘merely’ playing electric guitar, mandoline, banjo and tin whistle, in real life he plays bass, drums and accordion as well. He is an old soul […]