John spent many years drumming in various bands, playing just a handful of gigs. The chance to join Bunch of Bastards was nothing short of his golden opportunity, especially since playing powerfolk like Flogging Molly and developing original folky material had always been on his wish-list. Finally playing scores of gigs […]


Dex is without doubt the most greedy bastard in our bunch. He tries to get the most out of playing with Bunch of Bastards, his unrelenting enthusiasm inspiring both the other band members and the audiences. Just in case you always wanted to know, Dex’s favourite phrases on the matter […]


Gosse is not only the youngest bastard in our bunch, but also the most all-round musical bastard. In Bunch of Bastards, he restrict himself to ‘merely’ playing electric guitar, mandoline, banjo and tin whistle, in real life he plays bass, drums and accordion as well. He is an old soul […]


Sebastiaan is the latest addition to the Bunch of Bastards line-up. When we were on the lookout for someone to fulfill guitar duties, his auditioning was so good that the main question was if we were good enough for him. Luckily we passed the test and he now is a […]


Andries only picked up pumping the accordion in his mid-forties, after a severe illness made him rethink the priorities in life. Soon he found himself touring, sitting in, songwriting and recording with the likes of MrIB, Mahones, Circle J, Sir Reg, Bastards on Parade, Greenland Whalefishers, Firkin and Ceili Family. […]


Jasper is an enthousiastic and passionate singer with a great voice, adding his thoroughly Irish maternal roots to our otherwise Dutch born bunch. He throws himself into each song with all he has to offer, attacking the lyrics, the mike and the stage floor with a ferocious eagerness which reveals […]