Jasper is an enthousiastic and passionate singer with a great and clear, somewhat highpitched, voice, adding thorough Irish maternal roots to our otherwise Dutch bunch, throwing himself into each song with all he has to offer, attacking the mike with a ferocious eagerness which reveals the bastard deep down in

Andries or DutchIrishBastard since the days he was the Dutch guy in Mr. Irish Bastard — only picked up pumping the accordion in his mid-forties, after a severe illness made him rethink the priorities in life. Soon he found himself touring, sitting in, sonwriting and/or recording with MrIB, Mahones, Circle

Wessel is by far the youngest Bastard in our Bunch.Him having heavy-metal bearings, playing in BoB presented him an ‘and now for something completely different’ opportunity.Already nourishing an appetite also for some serious folk punk partying, Wessel was part of the BoB-fanbase just about from day one.So he now plays

Gosse is the latest bastard to join our intimate Bunch, where he had some big boots to fill indeed, yet his eagerness to come and play guitar with us and the swiftness of him learning to play the mandolin too quickly convinced us that he was the right bastard at

Dex is without a shred of doubt the most greedy Bastard within our Bunch. BoB being the first band ever he played in, he is definitely trying to get the most out of everything, his unrelenting enthusiasm effecting all other band members. With John on drums, his bass playing constitutes

John spent many years of drumming in various bands, playing only just a handful of gigs.The chance to drum with Bunch of Bastards was nothing short of his “Golden Opportunity”.Playing full force folk like The Pogues and Flogging Molly, as well as developing original folky material, had always been on